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Comunità Solidali nel Mondo ONLUS

Comunità Solidali nel Mondo ONLUS

We carry out international cooperation projects and programs based on community empowerment: a work method based on collaboration with the local institutions, communities, churches, and people, focusing on the self-development of social contexts. Our development cooperation interventions have a specific focus on replicability of local interventions at the national level, to ensure institutional sustainability as much as possible education, training, and support of local professionals.

The beneficiaries of our projects and programs are mainly children, young people with disabilities and parents in situations of serious disadvantage.

Community Based Rehabilitation interventions are aimed at: 1. transferring an intervention model based on home rehabilitation services and related training of parental networks, engagement and school inclusion of people with disabilities; and 2. providing intensive rehabilitation cycles in one of the specialized centers in which we carry out training cycles for health workers  and community workers.

Our Rehabilitation Centers are located in different areas of Tanzania to make them easily accessible by as many people as possible: the Simama Centers in many different areas of the city of Mbeya,  the A. Verna Kila Siku Center in the populous Kawe suburb of DAR Es Salaam and the INUKA Center in the Wanging’ombe district in the Njombe region

Our focus is also on malnutrition and epilepsy.