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is an international cooperation program for children and adolescents with disabilities that is inspired by Community-Based Rehabilitation.
La comunità di Inuka

What is Inuka?

INUKA is an international cooperation program on behalf of children and adolescents with disabilities that is inspired by Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) in partnership with the Diocese of Njombe and the Tanzanian government.

Since 2011, when the rehabilitation center opened in Wanging’ombe village, we have provided rehabilitative care for more than 2,000 children and adults with disabilities and supported their families through microcredit programs and psychological support.

Our intervention philosophy:

The community is directly involved in the rehabilitation process: the village’s taking care of the person with disabilities is ensured by the network of relationships that enhance their residual skills and abilities.
All’interno del centro di Inuka

Inside the center:

The rehabilitative activity carried out by local operators, aims to recover maximum motor autonomy by developing skills to facilitate a reintegration into the Community.

In addition, a workshop for the production and application of orthopedic aids was built and started in 2014 with the aim of facilitating more effective motor rehabilitation, with greater results in functional recovery and autonomy acquisition.

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